Listen To Lillian: Notes On A Scandal (2006) with Mailí Ní GhormáinListen now (60 min) | For this episode I talked to Mailí Ní Ghormáin about the 2006 drama Notes On A Scandal directed by Richard Eyre.
Listen To Lillian: Sense and Sensibility (1995) with Laura VenningListen now (73 min) | The third season opener is a wholesome discussion of the greatest cinematic adaptation of a Jane Austen work.
Joanna Hogg crafts a sublime masterpiece out of her film school experience.
Listen to Lillian: Alison De Vere's Animations with Ian WangListen now (77 min) | For this final episode of season two I talk to Ian Wang about representation in animation with a focus on the short films of…
Listen to Lillian: Under the Skin (1997) with Zoe BlackListen now (60 min) | Filmmaker Zoe Black talks to me about Carine Adler's seminal film on the podcast.
My video essay debut looks at how Powell and Pressburger influenced later horror films.
Listen to Lillian: Blue (1993) with Sophy RomvariListen now (65 min) | Filmmaker Sophy Romvari chats to Lillian Crawford about Derek Jarman's final complete film - Blue.
Listen to Lillian: Caravaggio (1986) and Orlando (1992) with Madeleine Pulman-JonesListen now (55 min) | Tilda Swinton's status as a queer icon was cemented by two remarkable films - Derek Jarman's Caravaggio and Sally Potter's Orlando…
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